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Alphabet starts using its versatile learning robots for cleaning and other daily tasks in the Google

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Robots can sort garbage, wipe tables, and move chairs.

● The company is using 100 prototype robots, Hans Peter Brondmo, head of the Everyday Robot division, said in a blog post.

● Alphabet develops robots that can be trained to perform new tasks without writing code from scratch.

● According to Brondmo, many devices work in special spaces, they only perform programmed tasks in the right place at a certain time. For robots to be useful where people live and work, they must learn, he said.

● The robots that the company launched in 2019 for sorting garbage can now wipe tables, open doors, and move chairs.

● Robots use cameras and sensors to move and navigate space. And with the help of machine learning, they learn and adapt to different circumstances.

● It is very difficult to get a car to handle new objects in unfamiliar surroundings, but the update from Everyday Robot is not a leap forward yet, as robots are slow and "awkward", notes Joseph Marc Blumenthal .

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