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And what, so it was possible? 10 unusual smart devices that are changing our lives for the better

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, robotic vacuum cleaners, and finally, electric cars with autopilot - the number of different gadgets is growing from year to year. But few people know that besides the promoted technology, you can find quite unusual devices on sale that are not inferior in use to their more famous counterparts. The Joseph Marc Blumenthal team analyzed such options and compiled a selection of non-standard devices for different occasions.

For health and safety

Smart scales

You can monitor your health not only with the help of fitness bracelets and smart watches. Smart scales with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support are the best option for controlling body weight, dieting and exercising quality. The information received is analyzed and transmitted to a special smartphone application.

Without exception, all smart scales are equipped with a sensor for bioimpedance analysis, which sends a weak electric current through the feet, and calculates the proportion of fat, muscle, bone and water in the body using tissue resistance. The gadget also determines the indices of body mass and internal fat, protein content. Separately notes the mass of skeletal muscles, metabolic rate, body type and biological age. The data is analyzed and structured in a mobile application. Based on these data, recommendations for nutrition and training are further selected. Individual developers have guest access in mobile applications.

Among the most popular and reliable smart scale models, you should pay attention to Huawei Scale 3 Pro and Scale 3, Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 and Mi Body Composition Scale 2, Medisana Target Scale 3, Picooc devices, etc.

Smart umbrella

Not only household appliances are becoming smart, but also umbrellas. Unlike standard models, which are designed exclusively for protection from precipitation, smart versions are equipped with an indicator of the imminent start of rain, as well as an alarm that will not let you forget your umbrella in transport or at work. The Opus One Jonas smart umbrella has just such functions.

The gadget is made of durable fabric that dries quickly. It opens easily and its rubberized handle fits well in the palm of your hand. An LED indicator can be found on the base. If it is red, it means rain is expected, and if it is green, it will be clear. The power source is four AAA batteries. This energy reserve will last for about six months. The main thing is to make sure that the device does not get wet.

The smart umbrella can be paired with an Android or iOS smartphone using a wireless connection. After pairing, it will notify you of new calls and SMS with a light vibration. In addition, Opus One Jonas will send a notification to the smartphone if the owner is more than 10 meters away from him. The device cannot be lost, hence the benefit.

Smart tags

Another useful but not very common smart gadget is smart tags. The devices are miniature radio chips that can be used to find a particular item. For example, users who attach such a beacon to a keychain, wallet or bag will be able to calculate their location through the app or receive a forgotten item notification when they leave home.

Smart tags are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth LE with low energy consumption or Ultra Wideband radio technology, which allows determining the coordinates of an object with an accuracy of a meter. When the smart tracker is out of range, it notifies other trusted devices nearby. All transmitted data is encrypted and inaccessible to third parties.

Smart tags are produced by Samsung and Apple, as well as by a dozen Chinese companies of various kinds. In the case of Samsung SmartTag, you can track the location of a forgotten or stolen item in the SmartThings app. The Galaxy SmartTag can beep to make it easier to find it. You can connect the Samsung tracker only to Galaxy devices with Android 8.0 and higher. They are not compatible with other Android smartphones or iPhones. Apple AirTag has similar functionality. The smart tag easily connects to iPhone, iPad and Mac, and lost items can be found through the Find My Network function.

In addition to keys, wallets and household items, trackers can be used to track luggage during air travel, and can also be attached to the collar of pets. By the way, tags for animals support geolocation using GPS and GLONASS. With their help, you can determine the location of cats, dogs and other animals with an accuracy of meters. Some models have a built-in microphone and speaker. In this case, the owner can call a cat or dog through a mobile device, without raising his voice, and hear what is happening next to him.

For work

Smart pen and notepad

Designers, artists, engineers and programmers may like smart pens and notebooks, with the help of which written records, drawings, algorithms and block diagrams can be instantly converted into electronic form without any scanning or photographing.

The Neo SmartPen N2 pen and the Neo N Plain Notebook can be an optimal pair. First, you make a handwritten note in a notebook, and it is immediately digitized. After that, the text (picture) can be transferred and edited on mobile devices or computers. Bluetooth is used for synchronization.

The handle body is made of lightweight and durable metal. It is difficult to scratch or wrinkle. The device is equipped with a built-in battery, the reserve of which is enough for about 10 hours of writing with simultaneous digitization.

Portable coffee machine

Mobile can be not only laptops or smartphones, but also coffee. And all thanks to smart portable coffee machines. Such devices are compact in size, easily fit into a backpack and operate without an outlet from the built-in battery. All you need to make a fragrant and fresh espresso is boiling water and ground coffee (there is the option of using capsules). One of the best options for this class is the Rombica Barista CTG-2B.

With the help of such a gadget, you can make coffee anywhere - at home, at work, on a hike or on a walk. The device creates a pressure of up to 15 bar for the preparation of a real espresso. One start is enough for 2 x 30 ml espresso cups. In this case, the minimum amount of water for starting is 50 ml. The container for freshly brewed coffee is located directly under the lid of the coffee machine. The thermal ring on the lid allows you to enjoy your fresh drink comfortably and safely.

Headphones with smart translator

If by your occupation you often have to communicate with foreigners whose language you do not know perfectly, the Timekettle M2 wireless headphones with real-time translation function can be a useful gadget. This gadget understands 40 languages ​​and 93 dialects. Thanks to algorithms based on artificial intelligence, simultaneous voice translation is provided with a high degree of accuracy.

The headset consists of two anatomically shaped earbuds that fit perfectly in your ears. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The weight of the set with the charging case is 65 grams, and the power reserve is enough for 30 hours. Before you start using Timekettle M2, you should download the library of the necessary languages ​​from the developer's server and have a high-quality Internet channel for automatic translation. English paired with Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean is available even without an internet connection.

For entertainment and home

Smart glasses

Smart glasses are becoming more and more popular among smart devices. These gadgets, in addition to improving the quality of vision and protecting from the sun's rays, combine the functions of a wireless headset, and some of them also project information using augmented reality type. In Russia, smart glasses are sold by Huawei and Bose.

Huawei's Gentle Monster Eyewear II features thin temples made of lightweight, durable plastic with an addition of titanium dioxide. Semi-open speakers located on each boom transmit sound through a directional sound chamber. This design reduces sound leakage and delivers crisp, multi-layered stereo sound. Both temples have holes to compensate for directional sound waves and further reduce sound leakage. The glasses provide high-quality sound, which is especially pronounced when listening to music, playing games and watching video content.

The smart glasses have an intelligent gesture control system. For pairing with a smartphone using a wireless connection. An intelligent algorithm automatically determines the position of the device using sensor data. If you take off the glasses for a while and then put them on again, a window appears on the smartphone screen allowing you to check the battery level. Eyewear II features a powerful rechargeable battery that can play music continuously for up to five hours on a single charge. Fast wireless charging technology via NFC allows you to recharge your gadget whenever you want.

The Bose Frames Rondo model belongs to the sun protection class. Glasses with fashionable rounded lenses are a great addition to a casual look or a luxurious evening outfit. The special coating of the lenses protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays, and the built-in speakers provide rich music sound. The device can receive phone calls when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and can also access voice assistants Siri and Google Assistant. Speaker sound is directed inward, so the music won't disturb other people. At the same time, the user will hear the surrounding sounds: conversations, important notifications at the airport and car signals.

Smart chess

Fans of board games may like the sets of the so-called "smart chess". One of the most popular and widespread is the Square Off Grand Kingdom Set.

The gadget is a chessboard, the pieces on which move by themselves. A special two-axis mechanical mechanism with a magnetic head is hidden in the body of the wooden board, which moves the pieces one after another. Magnets are built into the figures, so the mechanism simply activates them at the right time.

To play, you need to download the Square Off app and connect the board to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the application, you can play online with other players, follow someone else's party, or fight against artificial intelligence.

The device itself is quite large and heavy: dimensions - 603x484x49 mm, weight - 5.4 kg. On a single charge of the Square Off Grand Kingdom Set, you can play about 50 games lasting 1-1.5 hours. A battery is also built into the board. The set includes a charger for operation from the mains.

Smart video projector

Another interesting smart entertainment gadget is the smart video projector. Unlike stationary models, the device combines the functions of a projector, set-top box and game console. A special graphics chip, 2 GB of RAM, and a built-in drive are responsible for displaying the picture. The connection is made using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The striking representatives of this class are the Mi Smart Projector 2 and Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro projectors from Xiaomi. The devices can broadcast images in 1920 x 1080 pixels. Offers high brightness up to 1300 ANSI lumens and HDR10 support for enhanced color contrast. The older model is equipped with two built-in 10W speakers with support for DTS-HD and Dolby Audio, while the younger model has two 5W speakers. The devices support omnidirectional keystone correction, relieving the user of the painstaking work of screen placement.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 and 2 Pro run Android TV, support Chromecast and Google Assistant. The delivery set includes a remote control. Configuration and navigation is also possible using a mobile application from a smartphone. The projectors can be connected to the smart home service.

Smart feeder and drinker for animals

If you have a pet, consider purchasing a smart drinker or smart food dispenser. One of the best ways to improve your pet's health is to get them to drink more. As an example, we can recommend the Xiaomi Petoneer Smart Pet Water Dispenser automatic drinker for cats and dogs. The running water attracts the pet's attention and encourages him to drink more.

The device has a four-level purification filter: keeps drinking water fresh, removes dirt and bacteria. The 5W pump consumes little electricity and the pump running sound is only 40dB. The volume of the liquid is 2 liters.

If you are often away from home, then purchase of the Geozon PF-01 automatic feeder can be an excellent solution. Using the special Geozon Home app for Android or iOS, you can remotely set up scheduled feeding or give a one-time command. The food will automatically go into the bowl. The volume of the tank is 2.4 liters. Synchronization is performed over Wi-Fi. The device operates from a standard electrical network, switching on occurs automatically.

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