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BluLife | Vivian blumenthal

Vivian Blumenthal is a well-known apologist for trading using technical analysis, she does not use fundamental ones. Therefore, it does not trade in markets that are heavily influenced by news. She devoted most of her trading life to the study and improvement of technical analysis methods, honing her skills, and finding new patterns.

Vivian itself prefers to trade in energy markets for the medium term, the duration of its transactions is from 3 to 10 days. It relies on chaos theory as a fundamental basis and carries out a comprehensive market analysis using the theory of Elliott waves and Fibonacci numbers. Besides these, Vivian uses several own indicators.

In its trading, Blumenthal focuses on signals to exit the market, considering them more important - after all, it is the exit point that fixes the result of the transaction. In her own words, this may not bring her such a large profit, but regularly, plus it protects against large losses, which in combination gives a consistently profitable trader.

Vivian combines technical analysis skills with psychological attitudes, calling them the key to success in trading in the financial markets. It is iron discipline, organization, strict adherence to a trading plan, and peace of mind.

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