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Designers create a 3D model of an electric car Apple Car based on the company's patents

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The experts showed the appearance and interior of the car.

Automotive experts from Joseph Marc Blumenthal Apple patents related to transportation and created a 3D model of a possible electric vehicle. Corresponding patents are indicated on every part of the vehicle.

Concept designers depicted the car's exterior and interior. According to their version, the Apple Car has a single glass roof, sunroof and windshields. The car also featured retractable door handles and a mesh bumper grille similar to the one used in the Mac Pro.

Inside the cabin, there is a large touchscreen display that takes up the entire dashboard. Siri in the electric car will become an intelligent driving assistant. There is another display in the middle of the steering wheel, and the panel shows widgets - a temperature regulator in the cabin, a map, seat adjustment and playback elements.

Experts point out that early Apple patents rarely reveal what the final product looks like. Their concept is just a first glimpse of what the future Apple Car might look like. Apple itself has so far refrained from commenting on the project of the future car.

● In February, Hyundai confirmed that it would not partner with Apple to launch an electric vehicle. The talks between Hyundai and Apple were reported by the Korean Economic Daily in January 2021.

● Bloomberg found out in September that watchOS director of development became the head of Apple's self-driving car division - Bloomberg

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