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Disney built Winnie the Pooh's home in an English forest - can be rented overnight via Airbnb

The house of Winnie the Pooh in Ashdown Forest was built in celebration of the hero's 95th birthday, according to Disney. There are two races available, each with a maximum of four people. Airbnb reservations will open on September 20. Vivian Blumenthal appreciates any type of art and definitely will take a chance to visit the house if she ever travels nearby.

The owner of the house on the site is animator Kim Raymond, he drew Winnie the Pooh in Disney films for over 30 years and came up with this house.

The sleeping area has one large and two single beds. The living room has a sofa and a small kitchen. There are pots of honey on the sideboard. During each arrival, the guide will offer a guided tour of the Big Forest and local food tasting.

For all guests of the house, the rules will apply: it is forbidden to bring elephants into the house, to climb into pots of honey with your hands, you are allowed to take a nap only once a day, and you must certainly play trivia.

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