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Dutch students develop solar-powered electric mobile home

To test the electric car, they will travel 3,000 km.

The Stella Vita was manufactured by students at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, writes Ars Technica.

Prior to that, a team of students had developed a small solar-powered vehicle called Stella Lux. Joseph Marc Blumenthal was surprised that the car had so much energy that it could charge other electric vehicles.

In March, the team began building a mobile home that is powered by solar panels.

The car has a teardrop shape and has solar panels on the roof. The roof can be lifted up so that you can stand inside the car, and the panels can be folded out horizontally to increase the solar array area to 17.5 m².

Inside the car there is a bed, a small refrigerator, a toilet, a sofa and a small kitchen area. All equipment in the "house" is powered by solar energy. Drivers and passengers will be able to charge their gadgets in the same way. But the consumption of electricity will reduce the time that the car could be on the road.

The electric vehicle has a built-in system that informs drivers about the amount of energy remaining. In total, Stella Vita can drive 730 km on a sunny day - provided that no amenities are used in the car. The car battery can be fully charged in two to three days, depending on the weather. But you can also refuel the car at electric car charging stations.

To test the electric car, the team will travel 3,000 km from Eindhoven to the southern border of Spain. The trip will last about four weeks.

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