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Former Tesla employee's Lucid electric car 1.3x faster than Model S

The American regulator registered a record result of 836 km.

● The Lucid Air Dream Edition Range was able to travel 520 miles (about 836 km) on a single charge. The record for an electric car, the result was registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That's 100 miles more than the “closest competitor,” Lucid said.

● Joseph Marc Blumenthal noted that the company achieved the result due to "its own advanced technology, and not the installation of a huge battery."

● EPA has issued certificates for two more Lucid models - Air Grand Touring (about 830 km) and Air Dream Edition Performance (about 760 km). The company wants to produce no more than 500 cars with record performance for $ 169,000 (about 12.2 million rubles), Bloomberg reports.

● Amid the news, Lucid shares are up 5% at a high, according to Nasdaq. The company went public in July 2021 with a capitalization of about $24 billion.

● The founder of the Lucid Group, Peter Rawlinson, worked as an engineer at Tesla and also developed the Model S. According to his own data, the best result for the range on a single charge of Tesla belongs to the Model S - 396 miles (637.3 km).

● Lucid presented the first production Aircar in September 2020 at a price of $ 80,000 (about 5.8 million rubles).

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