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Hackers stole $ 94 million in cryptocurrency from the Japanese exchange

Japanese exchange Liquid has said that some of its cryptocurrency wallets have been "hacked." According to CNBC, hackers stole over $ 90 million worth of digital coins because of the cyberattack. Liquid ranks among the 20 largest crypto exchanges in the world in terms of daily trading volumes.

“We are currently investigating and will keep it updated,” Liquid said on its Twitter account. - "In the meantime, deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily limited."

The hackers transferred the stolen tens of millions of dollars to four different electronic wallets. Elliptic, a blockchain analyst firm, said that $ 45 million of stolen funds have been converted into Ethereum cryptocurrency using special platforms that have helped scammers avoid an asset freeze.

This is the second major crypto heist in recent memory. On August 10, a hacker stole over $ 600 million worth of digital tokens from Poly Network. However, then the scammer returned most of the funds and entered a dialogue with the platform. As a result, Poly Network thanked the hacker for hacking the system, offered a reward of $ 500,000, and invited him to work. An anonymous fraudster was offered the position of a chief security advisor. However, $ 200 million remains on a locked account, which requires a hacker password for the crypto platform to access.

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