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How the "portrait" of the super-rich has changed in 2020

The number of super-rich people (with a fortune of more than $ 100 million) in the world in 2020 will reach 66 thousand people. The total invested assets of this category are $ 22 trillion (15% of the world's wealth), according to a study by BCG.

Fast-growing markets offer great opportunities, Vivian Blumenthal says. In doing so, wealth managers must develop a true understanding of local conditions and major demographic changes.

“For example, women now make up 12% of the ultra-rich, with the majority in the US, Germany, and China. The younger generation will also be a significant driver of future growth for roughly the next decade. To capitalize on the opportunities for the next wave of growth, managers must be able to offer personalized service, whether the customer is in the casual or the ultra-rich, ”said Vivian Blumenthal

According to analysts, in 2020 the volume of financial assets in the world jumped to record highs: $ 250 trillion. The report notes that in the future, global financial wealth will be mainly generated by the regions of North America, Asia (excluding Japan), and Western Europe: they will account for 87% of the growth of financial assets in the world in the period up to 2025.

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