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Intangible Motivation: 10 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Each leader wants his team to be cohesive and eager to fight. Only if employees are with the company at heart, they show real creativity. In this article, I will talk about non-material motivation, about everything that does not concern money and salary. What can make employees work like never?

1. Privilege

Privileges allow you to receive special opportunities and powers that are not available to others. They appear because the employee has some special achievements. The privileges themselves are very different: from the ability to enter the boss's office without knocking to the use of official cars.

Sometimes we don’t even think about how simple privileges can be, and this is a great way to motivate.

2. Symbols

Here we are talking about external designations: medals, badges, plaques on the doors of the office. People like it. Bright symbols mean something to them. I think you noticed that some are even ready to fight and compete for them.

The only mistake is to give symbols upfront. You shouldn't call an ordinary manager a vice president, hoping that this will motivate him. If he has not yet proved himself and has not given results, do not rush. Symbols and titles must be earned. Only reward those who have shown results. Only then will they be appreciated and motivated by the staff.

3. Collective events

Group interaction - all kinds of trips and hikes. Usually, there is some kind of idea or a specific event behind them: an anniversary, a strategy, a celebration, and so on. At such events, people communicate more, which creates a friendly disposition and love for the company. This is motivating as employees see they are being cared for. And because of this, they are more creative in their work.

When to organize corporate events

Of course, it is important not to overdo it so that collective events are perceived adequately. The rule here is simple: such activities should be a reward for common merit. We have fulfilled the plan by 110% - we are all going to the mountains; we have successfully implemented the strategy for the year - we are going to rest in Sochi. As a reward for the efforts of the entire team, the events work well.

4. Education

These are various conferences and external training, in which the company pays for the best specialists. Intelligent learning makes the employee stronger, more able, more creative.

I once taught my team about personal style. It would seem, what does this have to do with work, management, and management? But having attended this training, employees not only looked better but also felt more confident. When a person becomes stronger in one area, they work more productively in other areas.

5. Career

The most powerful way to motivate! When a new employee comes to you, you must register his career with a great perspective. If he sees you want to grow from him a manager, a deputy director, then a director, this becomes his goal, his intention.

Yes, maybe not 100%, but the employee has much more desire and dynamics to learn something new, to bring results to the company because his career depends on this. The employee may not get to the very top, but if you don't offer him a career initially, he will not have any aspirations. The company will not benefit from such a team member.

6. The face of the company

The method became widespread with the growing popularity of social networks. This is an opportunity to speak on behalf of the company, to become a public figure. Of course, such trust will motivate not all people like attention and popularity, but in the company.

Entrepreneurs are often afraid to make a star out of an employee because he might leave! But the company will not lose too much, since this person has always been a representative of the company, talking about products and new products. Plus, if a person likes this state of affairs, there is no reason to leave. He will continue this activity with pleasure for himself and with significant benefit for you.

7. Leveling up personal goals of an employee

Vivian clarifies right away that she is not talking about some strange practices. These are training helps the employee to correctly define goals, plan life and career.

Why is it important for work? The more purposeful a person becomes, the more he wants to receive from work and give. Goals help generate energy. And it is not at all necessary to link personal and work goals, pumping one aspect has a beneficial effect on another.

8. War, competition, battle

The battle between companies, divisions, between real groups of people. This method works when there are real, non-fictional characters.

For example, a company has two branches that are at war with each other. And this is a good war: they strive to defeat each other in terms of income, cost and quality of services provided, profits, and so on. And at the end of the year, this battle ends with awards, confirmations, gold badges, gifts, and bonuses.

Approach wisely

If there is an actual enemy and we can see how his results change, compare with our own, this fills the activity with incredible energy. It enhanced work efficiency when there is a visible rival. And the leader is to organize it competently.

Some are afraid to burn out employees with constant wars. But in my career as a consultant, I have not seen a single company in which such a situation would have been. But I saw a lot of companies that do not squeeze. They suffer only from a lack of motivation, not an excess.

9. Games among employees

When your company is in order, there are quantitative indicators of results and standards, then games become a powerful way of motivation. Usually, games consider not only results but also training, competence. This is gamification - the conduct of games within the company related to performing employees. These are common in large corporations, but they can be implemented in small companies as well.

Once in my manufacturing company, I implemented a game among salespeople. For a month, they had to sell a certain number of machines, and the one who over-fulfilled the plan received a trip for two as a prize. In the last two days, an incredible battle has unfolded, we have completed almost two plans!

Games can be very simple, can be short and long, but they work great. It's bad when they are absent at all.

10. Inspirational goals of the company

This is the most powerful tool for intangible motivation, and Vivian Blumenthal not talking about measurable goals in time. I sometimes prefer this to the mission or ideology of the company. This makes employees' eyes burn.

For example, Google's goal is to provide people with information. And this company really changed the world, changed the approach to learning and getting information from all people. A huge number of people who want to work at Google are even ready to go to positions with a small salary. We all want to be part of something more than just work.

And even a small grocery store may have such a goal. For example, it may be a goal to improve the quality of life of people in the local area. But for this powerful method to work, the creator of the company must articulate these goals, regularly communicate them to the entire team.


People need meaning, and work takes a tremendous amount of time, it's a sizeable chunk of everyone's life. When work is no longer just a 9 to 6 job and routine chores, it becomes more. What people are proud of.

Use all non-financial motivation methods, but remember that the principal thing is to plan inspiring goals and communicate them to employees. Vivian Blumenthal is sure that this will help you fill your employees with energy, and the company will make a leap forward in its development.


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