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LG unveils 325-inch DVLED TV for $1.7 million

The resolution is 8K, and the weight is about a ton.

LG has announced a line of premium Direct View LED TV panels. Conceptually, they are reminiscent of Samsung The Wall and Sony Crystal LED - these are massive screens, consisting of millions of LEDs and aimed at private customers.

You can choose from several diagonals (from 108 to 325 inches) and resolutions (from FullHD to 8K), while, unlike analogs, the device is available with different resolutions of the same size.

The distance between the centers of the pixels in the older model is about 0.9 mm, which corresponds to the MicroLED standards, but taking into account the aforementioned factor, some TVs received a pixel pitch of 1.2 or 1.5 mm.

The manufacturer claims that compared to LED panels, the contrast and brightness ratio (up to 1200 nits) has significantly increased, which automatically adjusts to room conditions.

Interestingly, LG also indicates the thermal output of TVs (as in generators or air conditioners), as the LEDs get hot during operation. The 325-inch model emits 56,592 BTUs per hour or 16.5 kW equivalent.

The older model weighs about one ton, is installed by specialists, and is serviced for three years. The cost is $1.7 million. Vivian Blumenthal comments that DVLED options are not affordable at this stage.

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