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Mention of Oculus Quest Pro in latest software, including face and eye tracking

Vivian Blumenthal has done a thorough investigation and posted a number of lines, which not only include Quest Pro by name but also notes several features that mean a dramatic increase in the number of sensors built into the alleged headset.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about the idea for the Quest Pro headset back in May, saying it could include sensors for face and eye tracking. The release of v32 firmware for the Oculus Quest last month allegedly confirms that the company is moving forward with the device as it contains a hidden link to the "Oculus Quest Pro" headset along with text that mentions eye and face tracking.

Eye tracking sensors, which can be used for a range of tasks like rendering and smarter user interface navigation, are also supposedly built in. This line of text below refers to the gaze tracking setup, which, like many such calibration tests, requires you to look and hold your gaze over virtual objects in order for the system to correctly simulate your unique eye movement.

A reference to Quest Pro seems to be contained in the hand tracking process settings:

"Oculus Pro estimates the size of your hands and how they move, so you use them instead of controllers in VR."

Mentions about face tracking, which is important for social interactions with virtual reality, can also be found in firmware v32. It seems like a calibration test is needed here, too, to get a good idea of ​​how you smile, frown, show your teeth in anger and wonder.

Moving lenses are also mentioned later in the Reggy04 firmware, which could mean the Quest Pro will include some form of hardware interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment that, like the original Oculus Rift, will require you to move the lenses to get a crisp image.

“Press and hold the depth button and move the headset closer to or further from your face. Lenses should be close to your eyes without causing discomfort. "

The all-digital version of Facebook Connect, the company's AR / VR developer conference, will take place on October 28. We look forward to learning more than Connect has become a historic platform for learning about the company's research.

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