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Promising cryptocurrency: top 5 altcoins to invest in 2021/2022

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Conservative and, the most reliable coin, remains Bitcoin. The rise of Bitcoin has already happened, someone was lucky to make x1000 or more, someone lost, buying at the peak and selling at the bottom, succumbing to panic to lose everything. X with two symbols, it is hardly possible to get it quickly, investing in Bitcoin or other coins of the top ten.

But, there are plenty of promising altcoins that are likely to see double-digit gains in the long term. We will not consider the cryptocurrency, which everyone already knows about, which has already increased its capitalization 1000 or more times, but we will try to inspect those that, for many, are still out of sight.

1. Tezos

Tezos (XTZ) is a software blockchain platform that can change and adapt through community consensus with minimal network disruption. The Tezos blockchain can be updated, depending on the current requirements and circumstances, with no hard fork.

In 2020, the national digital currency of France was tested on the Tezas blockchain, which shows a good connection between developers and institutions.

The cryptocurrency has an excellent news background, one of the most recent and significant is the adoption of the Tezos network by several large banking institutions. But Tesas remains an unknown coin for many, which gives preconditions for further growth.

2. Ethereum Classic

The second coin of our quick overview is dedicated to Ethereum Classic - this is the original Ethereum, before the Ethereum Foundation hard fork.

The prerequisites for growth are quite obvious. After the planned transition of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake mining, it is unlikely that video card manufacturers will want to lose their excess profits. Therefore, in various ways, which are enough in the arsenal of large players, Ethereum Classic will be pumped. No PoS classic is planned. Nvidia and Co. probably won't even have to buy the coin directly, with great media capabilities. If you inspect the news feed, then the Ethereum classic appears often. Probably marketing work is already underway.

Today, Ethereum (not a classic) is still Proof-of-work and is mined on video cards, most of which are used on it. And the transition to PoS, although inevitable, can be delayed.

3. VeChain

VeChain(VEN) was originally an ERC20 token. But, in 2018, the project launched its own blockchain.

Vichain's goal is to simplify and ensure the management, exchange, and collection of important information. Potential uses vary, such as property authentication, tracking the life cycle of goods or simplifying product maintenance, fighting to counterfeit. Based in Singapore, the Vechain Foundation is a project management company that develops, implements, and promotes the project. Aimed at the Asian market, but open to cooperation with everyone.

In 2021, the development team was allocated a grant - a million dollars for the development and implementation of NFT in real business.

The project is constantly updated with a list of partners. In August: began work with a supplier of premium olive oil; are working to digitize the carbon market in China.

4. Digital Note

DigitalNote (XDN) is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency, launched under the name "duckNote" in May 2014 and renamed DarkNote in September 2014 and then DigitalNote in June 2015. It was forked from Bytecoin. There is protection against mining on ASICs.

The key feature: circular signatures are when many users sign a payment item, which makes it impossible to identify the sender and recipient. And unbound transactions by auto-generating unique one-time private keys.

Besides the payment system, DigitalNote provides the ability to send anonymous encrypted messages anywhere in the world.

The demand for anonymity is flourishing, as is the network of this blockchain. Also, it should be noted, the very active community of the DigitalNote network.

5.Signun (Burst)

Signum (Signa) is the world's first cryptocurrency with mining on hdd / ssd, and the first with an implemented smart contract system in the blockchain, which appeared back in 2014. The idea is original, but, unfortunately, the crypto community was not ready to make such an ingenious and simple decision, and then there was no trend towards environmental friendliness. The entire Signum network consumes 0.00002 shares of the Bitcoin network. Signa is one of the most undervalued coins. However, thanks to Chia's aggressive advertising and sustainability trend, interest in Proof-of-Capacity consensus coins has skyrocketed in 2021.

The key feature of the Signa coin is the absence of premise and ICO, an improved Proof of Commitment (PoC +) algorithm. Do not forget that it is a coin without operation that may become the object of attention of manufacturers of hard drives, which is 2021 in the HYIP Chia (remain over 90%) have tasted the charm of a wild demand for their goods.

The development team is open to collaboration. In 2021, the project began cooperation with LootBoy, which has an audience of over 10 million users.

In conclusion, Joseph Marc Blumenthal reminds us about the risks when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are high-risk financing instruments where you can increase your deposit by an enormous amount of X's, but you can lose everything.

You should remember the first rule of the investor: we invest only free funds, credit and loan money cannot be used.

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