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Regulator allows Virgin Galactic to resume space flights after investigation

The investigation began after the July flight with Branson - then the SpaceShipTwo ship deviated from the specified trajectory.

● Virgin Galactic has complied with all the directives of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which began its investigation on August 11, 2021.

● Because of the audit, the FAA and Virgin Galactic agreed to expand the flight restriction zone during launches, as well as to take additional measures for notification of flights in real time.

● On July 11, Virgin Galactic successfully launched the crewed spacecraft Unity on a suborbital flight, in which company founder Richard Branson participated.

● Against the background of the news, the company's shares rose by 10% on the premarket on the New York Stock Exchange - to almost $25 per share.

● The regulator banned the company from conducting space flights during the investigation of the July flight with Branson - then the shares of Virgin Galactic fell 7.02%.

● On September 1, Virgin Galactic acknowledged that "the final trajectory of the July flight deviated from the original plan," but the ship "did not fly out of the lateral boundaries of the protected airspace."

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