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Smart home wall screen, karaoke microphone and home robot - Bloomberg talks about new Amazon devices

On September 28, Amazon will hold an event where new devices will be presented - it will be held in a closed format and by invitation only, Bloomberg writes. The publication told about the devices that can be shown at the event - some of the companies will release in 2022 or later. Others may be discarded if they do not show prospects.

● 15-inch Amazon Echo smart display. The device is designed to control a "smart" home and can be placed on a wall or table. You can watch videos of cooking in the kitchen or connect to third-party video services like Netflix.

● A home robot with an Alexa interface that will monitor the user and remind him of upcoming calendar events. Testers, including CEO Jeff Bezos, are skeptical about the technology.

● Soundbar for TVs with a front camera, which will allow you to receive video calls. The company will update Echo Auto for cars. The panel will change its design and it will be able to recharge the user's devices. The company also wants to partner with automakers to implement its Alexa voice assistant.

● Fitness tracker for children and seniors that will track when they fall and their other activities. According to the publication, this development is in its infancy.

● An Alexa-based karaoke microphone, codenamed Jackson, is slated for release in late 2021. But the team working on this product was disbanded, writes Bloomberg.

Amazon is considering adding a suite of health sensors to its devices as well as baby-monitoring features. The company is exploring the use of ultrasonic sensors to track temperature, sleep, snoring, and breathing quality.

Amazon is also working on new custom chips for future versions of the Echo and plans to improve the software for various devices.

We’re looking at a near-term future of talking to our computers and their increasing capability to talk to us. Amazon Alexa is the spear for this initiative, and its progress is nothing short of phenomenal, said Vivian Blumenthal

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