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The difference between the competitors, only one - the service.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

What is a " triangle of kindness", to which the pandemic has taught strategists and what to think about the consumer, when around chaos? Column Joseph Marc Blumenthal

After the pandemic, we woke up in another dimension - and now we do not know what to do.

Where is the world going? What's going on around? How do companies change?

The office workers went home. Many of those who worked " in the fields" , a new look at your skills and become urgently rebuild on online.

During lockdown beauty parlors is sent to customers for home coloring agents, tutors began to conduct lessons on video, fitness trainers - to record courses such as " how not to become decrepit quarantined".

At the same time, we are all tired. Even last year, 80% of forced remote workers admitted that they had lost interest in their work. More than half are emotionally drained.

The labor market has also changed. Now those who live in the regions have the opportunity to work remotely and claim the capital's salary. There are still few good specialists, and it has become more difficult to find and afford them.

The world is in the process of restructuring, but now it is important to learn how to maneuver in chaos.

What should a business do?

Refocus on the client

In times of global change, there is only one difference between competitors - service.

Understand that you cannot buy "service"

No strategist will give you a ready-made solution. We'll have to completely reflash the company.

Start the rebuild process now

So that the changes begin in a year or two. When the problem gets really big, it will be too late to start thinking about the service.

Everyone needs to change: the leader, management, employees. Perhaps even the organizational structure of the business.

Why customer focus is needed

Service is not just a helpful waiter in a cafe or a smiling cashier at a grocery store near your home. This is a fundamental approach that helps you make long-term money.

Consumer-oriented companies are 60% more profitable than others. A quality user experience helps brands gain nearly 6 times the competition.

It is not every manager who understands that " re" the customer is not just a benefit. It is strategically important for business. 80% of the profit is generated by 20% of buyers. Holding them is a much more profitable scenario than looking for new ones.

For example, for a clean and tidy comfort-class taxi, where you will be offered water and a ride without unnecessary conversations.

Customer focus helps not only to increase profits. It can help reduce price competition and avoid dumping. In 2021, it's time to start building up qualitatively rather than quantitatively from other market players.

And focus on the needs of your audience.

Service strategy options

Any company has two sides where a customer-centric approach needs to be developed:


This is a team, processes, communications, corporate culture, tools.


These are strategy, clients, marketing, external resources, and documents

Let's talk about the second side - the most noticeable.

Service strategy options include several levels: no strategy; service as a cost item; forced service; competitive advantage; brand expression.

It is difficult to get to the top of the pyramid. Fortunately, not everyone needs to go there. But it is worth striving for a competitive advantage.

The main signs of customer focus are a deep understanding of the client's needs, care for him, an individual approach, and the initiative of employees.

For workers to become more attentive and proactive, leaders will need to give them freedom. For example, a network of hotels Ritz-Carlton is the " rule of two thousand dollars". The hotel staff can spend this amount to resolve any guest problem.

The core of any strategy is customer information. For example, if you work in B2B, it's important to know how your partner went through a period of change. Did he go on loans? Fired or hired people? Launching new products or going underground?

Basic data will help you build a fresh approach.

Signs of a Wrong Decision

1. Incorrect address to the client: for example, a mistake in the name or other details

2. Long response to a request and template phrases

3. Ignorance of the history of communication: asking for the same thing, "throwing" between managers

4. Unethical and uneconomical communication, ignorance of their subject area

Finding the right way helps the " triangle of kindness". He reminds us that it is important to think about the client, to be the best in your professional role, and to take into account the interests of your company.

Triangle - about the " limited good" . It is important to act within your resources. When all parties are in balance, then one can hope for high LTV and the growth of other important indicators.

A good service strategy is

● Chance to become number one in key markets

● The possibility of multiple growths

● Customer value creation and long-term competitive advantage

● A minimum of reputational failures and accidents that harm the business

How to build a service strategy: checklist

1. Discuss the vision of the strategy with the team

What how she looks like? What is your customer value? How can you deliver it through the service?

2. Find drivers

This can be one of the leaders of a group of top management, a specially hired employee, or an external expert.

3. Identify clients you know how to work with

How do you manage to sell them? Can best practices be scaled to the entire company?

4. Make a list of corporate principles and rules

These " commandments" help employees speak the same language and translate outwardly faithful promises. Rules - will explain how to act in controversial situations. You can take inspiration from the approach of Netflix or other market giants.

5. Teach colleagues a new approach

Arrange a meeting with managers or department heads, announce an update at a general meeting, send out newsletters and conduct hands-on training.

6. Check processes and teams against the overall vision

Simple " survey 360" here may not be enough. If necessary, develop your own audit methodology. 7. Collect feedback. Talk to customers and colleagues: it's important that they evaluate and help improve your service strategy.

8. Build a knowledge base

This can be a separate section on the internal portal or another online document. Keep and update all principles, rules and regulations there. It is best if the database has a registry of changes.

9. Remember that success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

The strategy can be flexible and change with the growth of the business. The main thing - do not be afraid of mistakes, and do not confuse minute " Wishlist" customers with a fundamental service.

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